Prevent Rugs From Slipping On Hard Floors And Carpets


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Rugs are common in every household. It can be used in different households for several purposes. Some use it for giving a decorative look; some use rugs for wiping foot and some use it for getting extreme cosiness while walking on the floor. Whatever the reason may be, the main purpose should be served.

However, one common problem of using rugs is sudden slipping or sudden movement while rubbing feet on it or walking. Chances of slipping or sudden movement arise according to the size and weight of the rug. If you buy a comparatively heavy and weighty rug or good wool rugs, then there is less chance of slipping.

Here we will discuss how to prevent rugs from slipping on hard floors and carpets. Keep in mind these things before you buy rugs online.While you place the rug on a carpet, you are making the way to slip. It happens because of the pile that present in the carpet. Because of the pile the top of the carpet always remains above the base of the hard floor. And the top area of carpet is then full of air, for which when one walks on the rug the pressure of the body fells on the top most part of the carpet and as a result it will press down. You should know that the pile of the carpet always moves in a single direction. That is why, when one walks on the rug, which is placed on the carpet, it slips suddenly. Visit this link for more info when you buy rugs online.

Remember the chance of slipping increase with tallest pile. But on the other hand, if the pile is thicker, the chance of slipping decreases. That is why before you buy a carpet, always look carefully on the type of pile so that the rug may not move or slip suddenly. Apart from pile factor there is another factor that is equally responsible for the sudden movement of rugs. Although gloss tiles look beautiful and they give interior a trendy look but they are considered one of the most slippery areas for rugs. Besides wood, non-gloss tiles, vinyl also come in this list.

One common mistake that every people commits is they buy rugs which have a smooth or plain back in order to resist scratches on the floor. In this way, they buy thin or light rugs which are undoubtedly very slippery. In order to prevent slipperiness one can buy foam rug.

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