Outdoor Rotunda Structures And Some Considerations To Make


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Outdoor construction features are used widely these days in garden design, landscaping and architecture alike. They have become functional structures as well as great design and aesthetic elements. Most of these outdoor structures come in various shapes and sizes. Gazebo kits, Patio covers; Trellises & Pergolas are some of the popular features commonly used in outdoor design. Out of these the octagonal or hexagonal structure which is commonly confused with pergolas has become a very popular structure. These are mostly constructed with wood or metal and would usually have seating space provided inside. They also provide more privacy than a pergola as they are covered with lattice work, mesh frames or even curtains. They also have a covered roof. Historically these structures have been in use for many years. Earliest known structures were found during the Greek and Roman Empires where Gazebo – like structures were commonly used to support their grape wines. They were also of the belief that these beautiful structures would be available to them in paradise as well. Greeks also used them in abundance around their temples to the Gods and Goddesses while the Romans used them mostly as places to relax in privacy. The more recent structures were made popular by the British during the 16th and 18th centuries who liberally added them in public spaces such as parks to provide shelter. The more functional use of such structures was made popular by them. In more recent times these buildings, sometimes called as tea houses and summer houses have become popular attractions in private properties as well. They are beneficial if you are looking to create a cosy refuge away from household chores and cares of the day. There are many DIY options and specialised construction service providers who can build a custom structure for you, depending on your needs. However there are some factors that you need to consider before getting started on your project. Such as:

  • Regulations: before any construction begins, you will need to consult your local authorities to determine the space or height you can use to build your summer house. If you are adding this after the main structure of the house is built, then there might be additional fees involved as well.
  • Contracts: as with any construction project mutually agreed phrases are important. They will denote what you and your contractor have agreed on when it comes to the construction project. Therefore do not assume things, always make sure they are in a written form agreed to by both parties.
  • Location: this is very important therefore make sure that the place you select has level ground. You may also need to select a place that gets a balanced amount of sunlight. The distance from the house or main structure has to also be considered. If there is a great view, then make sure you factor it in when you mark the location of the structure.
  • Material: most often these outdoor elements are built with wood, as they are easily found and can be made in to different shapes and sizes. However depending on the region you may have to look at that type of wood you can use. Alternatively, metal or concrete can also be used for the same purpose.

These charming rotundas are considered very romantic and nostalgic at the same time. Therefore if you are thinking of creating one, it is best to give the above some thought so that the structure will serve a purpose and will be cherished for years to come. For more information, please click here.best-gazebo

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