How To Prevent Drains From Getting Blocked?


Posted by Portu2013 | Posted in Repairs & Cleaning | Posted on 10-12-2017

If you want to prevent clogged drains, there are some practices that you should follow. There are many ways you can prevent this happening. You shouldn’t wait for the problem to occur. You should make sure that it never happens.

If you have experienced a clogged sewer quite often such as once every year, you should try to find out what the problem is. You can ask the service company to find out what is causing the blockage so that you can prevent it happening again. There are many reasons for such a blockage like a half collapsed pipe, entering of tree roots etc. There are drains everywhere in the house. Make sure you have a lint catcher in your washing machine drain. This way it will not be blocked. Otherwise the lint, small parts of fabric etc. can accumulate there and cause a block. You can have a lint trap installed at the end of the drain hose. You have to think about what kind of drain cleaners you use as well. The chemical cleaners can damage the plumbing system and is quite harmful so it is best to use drain cleaning bacteria for it. The bacteria will ensure that the organic matter is broken up and not blocking the drains.

Using bacterial cleaner for drain unblocking Brisbane is quite safe as it is non-corrosive. Read the instructions given in the package and give some time for the bacteria to work. You should know what can be put down a drain and what can’t. Grease shouldn’t be put down drains as it the heated fat can cool in the pipe and congeal into a mass. This will cause a blockage that it is quite hard to get rid of. The grease will also collect whatever other things that goes down the pipe. Other things you shouldn’t put down drains are sand or and setting compound. Sand will settle in the pipes and you will find it very hard to remove. Hair is something that will get trapped in drains and cause you problems. You can usually get rid of the problem by using a drain snake. But to prevent this happening, you can make sure that you catch the hair before it goes down the drain. For this you can use a mesh screen. There are also stoppers that have a built in screen to them.

Washing pets can also wash down a lot of hair down the drains so it is best to wash them outside on sunny days. When washing them inside you can keep a wash cloth on top of the drain so you can catch the excess fur.

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