Piping Hot: Gas Plumbing


Posted by Portu2013 | Posted in Home Installations | Posted on 12-06-2014

When the word ‘plumbing’ is involved, it is not unusual for your thoughts to stray to water, the bathroom and/or the kitchen sink. But the task does not always involve purely water. Another type exists. This is not an alternative to water plumbing, but a type that might co-exists alongside it. This way involves focussing on providing fuel and heat to homes, and is frequently known as gas plumbing.

The idea of this activity has existed since Ancient civilisations, and has since expanded into many cultures today. There are many subsystems of this activity which range from septic to water drainage to gas piping, to name only a few. Due to the range being so vast, there is special training that must be undertaken before someone is enabled to work in the field.

Plumbers and gas fitters can both work on this type of plumbing. However, just as they both have qualifications that allow them to work in this field does not mean they are interchangeable titles. There are some key differences about the two professions which separate them. A plumber possesses more qualifications than a gas fitter, in that they will  deal with water plumbing, be acknowledged as a gas fitter, a roofer and drainer, provided they hold a licence. Conversely, a gas fitter may only be qualified to work on gas appliances and not be a plumber at all.

Despite this, a registered and qualified gas fitter must work hard to be able to work for a company or on their own terms. There are many qualifications they must pass, due to gas being a potentially dangerous fuel to work with In most cases, people in this profession are required to complete an apprenticeship first, and then follow up with more exams to ensure they are competent to work in the field.

Gas fitters or plumbers generally offer a few services for gas appliances. They offer installations of gas products such as bayonets or stoves, the act of gas fitting, inspecting the connection in the pipes for gas appliances and offering to service them. They are trained to check for gas leaks, can renew faulty lines and may even be able to work on gas water systems should they have the right qualifications. Get redirected here to view this company that accepts gas plumbing services and other types of home appliance services.

It is important that each device which is powered by gas is maintained and checked regularly. It is imperative that each device is initially installed by a professional. There are specific rules and regulations all around the world related to the use of gas in the home and in industrial or commercial use. These need to be abided by. Each device should be checked to see if they meet the requirements of the area in which they are being placed, and these tasks should be completed by a professional. Ensure that when hiring a person of this trade, they are registered  and have the correct qualifications.